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Mile Three brought tremendous focus and speed to the planning and execution of our go-to-market strategy. Together, we disrupted our target market with a new, revolutionary SaaS product.

Brian E. Schrader, Esq.
President, BIA Inc.

Talking about your technology can be difficult . We make it easy by designing, constructing and delivering seminars, webinars and high-profile meetings to carry your message to any target audience. Allow us to help you get the people that matter engaged, informed and excited about your technology!

Hear what people are saying about some of our recent programs:

“Great job; I wish all seminars were this well-informed. […] awesome presenter”
Seminar attendee. Washington, March 2013

“… sessions on Statistics and Support Vector Machine were superb”
Seminar attendee. Washington, March 2013

“I really enjoyed the statistics talk — often I find discussions […] to be more complicated than necessary. [The session] was very easy to follow. Thanks!”
Seminar attendee, San Francisco, April 2013

“I am a sucker for information, so I attend lots of webinars, but this one was one of the very best. Really stands out!”
Webinar attendee, June 2013

“A great session […] Very well done in a way non math types could follow along!”
Webinar attendee, August 2013

“Great program. Engaging, informative and relevant.”
Webinar attendee, August 2013

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